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Introducing The Lakey Peterson Collection

We are stoked to introduce The Lakey Peterson Collection, inspired and designed by the Championship Tour Surfer + Sisstr herself! We caught up with Lakey to get the inside scoop on the collection and what makes it so special.

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Hi Lakes! We’re so stoked to release your collection, what inspired the designs? 

Me too! I can't wait for the world to see it and wear it! For me it’s always been about simple designs that are easy to throw on whether I am at the beach or going to a casual dinner after a surf. This line I think really embodies that vibe, and I believe has a piece for anyone from moms to groms. 

Was there any specific inspiration behind the stripes specifically? 

Not anything specific, but I have always felt like strips are pretty timeless. My whole life stripes have been in style one way or another for all age groups. So, applying that to this line just felt right and like it would be a good fit for not only myself but also everyone who sees it. 

How does this collection reflect you and your personal style? 

I think for me, style and clothing has always been about how to wear something that feels cute and pretty but also is easy to take with me anywhere. So much of my life is on the go whether that is traveling or going from the gym to the beach to date night just having a collection that allows me to throw it on and have it work for any occasion. I feel like we did such a great job of that with this line. 

What piece in your collection are you most excited about? 

Ooo there's a few really cute things! I think for me there's a little romper style one piece I really love! 

What was it like designing your first ever collection with the Sisstr Design team? 

So awesome! The whole team at Sisstr is just the best and really wanted to make my ideas come to life. The girls I got to work with were incredible to be able to share and bounce ideas off each other. I am beyond thankful for everyone who helped make this all happen. 

Why are you excited to share this collection with the world?

 It's the first collection I have ever done with a brand and for me that just feels really special and I am proud of it. I also just am in love with the entire line, and I am really excited to see other girls and women wearing it and loving it also. 

How do you want Sisstrs to feel when they wear pieces from your collection?

Confident, beautiful, and badass.

Will you be repping the collection on tour this year? 

Heck yeah! It’s pretty much all that will be in my suitcase all year long haha so you’ll be seeing lots of it 😝

Photos by Miah Klein and Aaron Regan.

Shop The Lakey Peterson Collection.

Introducing The Lakey Peterson Collection