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Stoked On | Sofi Loewy


Meet our newest Sisstr, Sofi Loewy, on a magical afternoon wandering the beauty of her home spot in Hossegor, France.

Born in a multicultural family and raised by the Caribbean ocean breeze of Colombia, Sofi is a creative spirit who loves painting, tattooing, and designing unique fashion pieces. In her continuous search for perfect waves, Sofi left her magical beaches to study fashion design in Hossegor, France. Welcome to the team, Sofi! Watch now!

Coming from a multicultural family, tell us what’s and/or where’s HOME for you?
Home for me is where the waves are. I have been traveling as long as I can remember, I got to know many people, and discover many different cultures. Throughout time I kept a small piece of all of them in my heart, so wherever I am I can be home.

Do you feel more attached to your Colombian or Austrian roots?
I was born and raised in the Caribbean coast of Colombia, in a small town called Puerto Colombia. I have always identified myself as a Colombian, even though I am also Austrian. The culture, traditions, and lifestyle of Colombia have made me who I am today. Nevertheless, I traveled to Austria every single year to see my family and spend some time discovering my European roots. Because of this Austria has a big place in my heart.


Favorite things to do when you're not surfing?
When I am not surfing, I love to spend my time adventuring, getting to know different places and cultures. I love good restaurants, music, books, art, photography, and much more.

Does the ocean and surfing influence your creative process? 
Absolutely, the ocean is my main source of inspiration. Its magnitude, colors, movements, and its mysteriousness blow my mind.


Favorite place to travel and favorite spots?
I have traveled to so many places that it would be hard to choose just one, but a place that really amazed me was Maui, Hawaii. One winter we decided to go on vacation with my family to Maui, and we ended up staying for more than 3 years. Everything on this island is just breathtaking... The waves, raw nature and the views are simply mesmerizing. Spots like Honolua Bay and Ho'okipa hold the memory of some of the best surf sessions of my life. 
5 fashion essentials.
A Sisstr bikini, a great pair of jeans or shorts, basic crop tops, a little black dress and a chunky pair of boots.

Stoked On | Sofi Loewy