Sofi Loewy In Senegal

We caught up with Sisstr Sofi Loewy to recap her recent strike mission to Senegal. Learn about Sofi's trip and check out her film shots below.

Where in Senegal did you visit?

We spent most of our time in Dakar, which is the capital of Senegal, and mainly on Ngor Island.

How long was your trip? What did you do which you were there?

It was a 10-day surf trip and we spent most of our time in the water, exploring, and experiencing the local culture.

What boards did you bring/ride? How was the surf?

We only brought short boards this time. The waves were smaller than we expected, but we got waves every day of the trip.

What were some of your favorite parts of Senegal?

The people, culture, and colors.

What was your favorite moment of the trip?

Our last night we had a goodbye party at a local restaurant. It was so special having the opportunity to enjoy time with our friends, locals, and new people we had met.


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