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During her trip to Bali, Brie Lakin shared a beautiful sunset surf with Indonesia’s 1st female long boarder, Flora Christian Butarbutar. Flora is using her platform for more than sharing rad photos of her surf lifestyle, she’s started a charity called Souls for Lombok which is helping to rebuild the local community that was tragically affected by the 2018 earthquake. Not only is her love for surfing contagious, she has been an inspirational figure in representing diversity in women’s long boarding. We decided to sit down and ask her about herself and her efforts to making the world a better place.


How did you become the 1st Indonesian female longboarder? Back in 2016 when I started surfing I was basically the only Indo girl surfing on a longboard, most of the other girls were all short boarding. I was able to get a sponsorship and competed on the Asian Surf Champions Tour in 2017 where I represented my country as the only Indonesia Female Longboard Surfer

What do you love most about surfing? What I love most about surfing is the freedom, being out there and becoming one with nature Favorite wave to ride? Batu Bolong, Batu Karas, Nias on low season are some of my favorite waves to ride

What are some of your goals for this year? ⁃ start hosting surf retreats and bringing Indo girls on board using the profits that I make & have them join the trips to experience the “life of Flora” ⁃ To legalize my women and children foundation, Souls for Lombok

How did Souls for Lombok start? After a month long surf trip last year in August a big earthquake hit Lombok. I went back there to check and brought over a few supplies. I ended up in a village near the mountain and I told myself, “I can’t just leave these people.” So I started doing fundraising using my social media platform and from there started my own charity and built an amazing team. We’ve helped over 6,000 people, built over hundreds of permanent shelters, temporary schools, and so much more. I was there on the ground for months to set it up until now the government is taking over and my team in Lombok has teamed up the the government.

Where can we find out more about Souls for Lombok? We have an instagram account @soulsforlombokAt the moment we are only taking care of Tantri a 9yo girl I found in Lombok deep inside a village. She has malnutrition and genetic health complications. We managed to team up with a foundation in Jakarta for special needs kids. She is getting health care & all of the donations we are currently accepting are being used to help this lil hero to give her hope. flora 2

April 30, 2019